In 2010, we introduced many new features with the original Vienna Instruments PRO software, focusing on a new dimension in sample playback and creative sample manipulation.

Human Performance Control, Microtuning, Polyphonic Legato and Auto Voicing, to name just a few, were great additions to the powerful arsenal of sounds available with each Vienna Instruments Collection.

This manual presents all new elements integrated in Vienna Instruments PRO on a technical level and is designed to be your reference guide in addition to the many video tutorials:


Check out the VI PRO Remote App that turns your tablet into a powerful MIDI command center! More details and setup instructions in the separate short manual in MyDownloads !


Take advantage of MIRx, the Reverb Mixing Extension for Vienna Instruments PRO, available as a separate product. We have positioned our instruments in the perfect sonic surrounding, making it easier than ever to get both balance and positioning of your virtual orchestra perfectly right!More details and setup instructions in the separate short manual in MyDownloads !

  • VI Pro is now retina-ready, and you can switch between 100% and 200% scalings.

  • Additionally, Herb Tucmandl has included a huge system of orchestral patterns and one-touch chords in correct voicings, plus sync'ed runs and phrases forall instrument groups.

  • Enveloped Timestretching lets you freely manipulate the timing of each performed sample. Adjust the speed of a portamento or the attack of a staccato to expand the expressive possibilities of your Vienna Instruments collection.

  • We have also added a Scale Editor which lets you create customized scales.

  • With adjustable Preload Size, Vienna Instruments PRO now offers adjustable preload buffers, to take advantage of the access speed of modern SSD drives.Settings down to 1536 samples are possible, effectively reducing the memory footprint and loading time up to 10 times.

  • A powerful new feature called Disabled Cells offers disabling and enabling cells of a matrix. When a cell is disabled, all its samples are cleared from memory, while settings are kept intact. This way you may load a matrix or preset containing all possible articulations while keeping memory footprint low. Simply enable the cells as you go, when you need the additional articulations.

  • Auto-Humanization provides a matching humanization preset to every loaded patch.The humanization setting is chosen according to a scheme that provides the best possible match between different articulations and sections and is activated by default. The choice is of course still yours (deactivate the auto-humanization in the Settings menu).


If you are not yet familiar with the concept of Vienna Instruments, we suggest starting with the original Vienna Instruments before upgrading to Vienna Instruments PRO. Find manuals and video tutorials for Vienna Instruments.


Additional features that were added over time (since 2012) are marked in these boxes.

With best wishes from Vienna,

– Your Vienna Symphonic Library Team