Material for Sibelius users on the website

The Soundset Installer can be downloaded from the Vienna Symphonic Library website:

List of included sound sets and which libraries they can be used with:

  • VE SY Special Edition: SYNCHRON-ized Special Edition Volumes 1 – 7, 1 PLUS and 2 PLUS, all piano libraries, Big Bang Orchestra free and BBO-A.

  • VE Special Edition: Special Edition Volumes 1 – 7, all piano libraries, Konzerthaus Organ.

  • VE Special Edition PLUS: Special Edition PLUS Volumes 1 and 2, Special Edition Volumes 3 - 7, all piano libraries, Konzerthaus Organ.

  • VE SY Prime Edition: Synchron Prime Edition, all piano libraries, Big Bang Orchestra free and BBO-A.

  • VE Big Bang Orchestra: All Big Bang Orchestra libraries.

  • VE Hello Vienna: Big Bang Orchestra (free), Fujara Flute and all our piano libraries.

  • VE Smart Orchestra: Vienna Smart Orchestra and VSO ExpansionPack.

  • VE Epic Orchestra: Epic Orchestra, Epic Orchestra 2.0, Jazz Drums, Synchron Power Drums.

  • VE SY Winds: Synchron Woodwinds, Synchron World Winds, Synchron Brass, SYNCHRON-ized Woodwinds, SYNCHRON-ized Woodwind Packs, SYNCHRON-ized Historic Winds Packs.

  • VE SY Dimension Brass: SYNCHRON-ized Dimension Brass I+II.

  • VE Woodwinds + Brass: VI collections: Woodwinds I+II, Special Woodwinds, Brass I+II, Special Brass, Dimension Brass I+II, Saxophones, Recorders, Historic Winds I – III; Wood and Brass Single instruments.

  • VE Strings: Synchron Strings I + Pro, Synchron Elite Strings, SYNCHRON-ized Solo Strings, SYzd Solo Strings sordino, SYzd Chamber Strings, SYzd Chamber Strings sordino, SYzd Appassionata Strings, SYzd Appassionata Strings sordino, SYzd Dimension Strings I-III, Synchron Harp; Solo Strings I+II, Chamber Strings I+II, Orchestral Strings I+II, Appassionata Strings I+II, Dimension Strings I-III, Harps; Solo Violin 2, Solo Cello 2 and Harps Single instruments.

  • VE SY Plucked Instruments: SYNCHRON-ized Plucked Instruments.

  • VE Plucked Instruments: VI Upright Bass, Concert Guitar and Overdrive.

  • VE Percussion: VI Percussion and Elements collections and Single instruments.

  • VE SY-Percussion (SY-Player): Synchron Percussion I and SYNCHRON-ized Elements Instrument collections.

  • VE Choir: VI collections: Vienna Choir, Soprano Choir, Solo Voices, Vienna Whistler.

  • VE SYzd Voices SYNCHRON-ized Vienna Choir, SYNCHRON-ized Soprano Choir, SYNCHRON-ized Solo Voices and SYNCHRON-ized Whistler.


Please always use the latest version of the Vienna Instruments & Vienna Ensemble and Synchron Player software. Vienna Instruments Pro, Vienna Imperial, Synchron Pianos and the Synchron Player can be opened inside Vienna Ensemble or Vienna Ensemble Pro for use with Sibelius as well.

How to install and use Sound Sets

The VSL Soundset Installer can be downloaded from the MyVSL area of the Vienna Symphonic Library website under Notation related.

It will install sound set files, the Vienna Symphonic Library House Style for Sibelius, VI presets and two manuals. The path where the manuals get installed can be chosen during installation.

On Windows computers it may be necessary to point Sibelius to the VST-Plugins path. This can be done in the Playback Devices/Audio Engine Options/Virtual Instruments and Effects folders menu. Choose the path where the Vienna Ensemble VST plugin has been installed. That’s the path where the file “Vienna Ensemble x64.dll” is located. If you are using Sibelius 6 or Sibelius 32-bit, you will have to add the folder where the 32-bit version of the Vienna Ensemble plugin ("Vienna Ensemble.dll") is installed. Then restart Sibelius.

In the Sibelius Playback Devices menu create a new playback configuration and activate Vienna Ensemble (or Vienna Ensemble PRO ) from the list of available devices. Then choose the sound set in the right-hand column.See page 2 for which sound set must be chosen for which library.

How to install and use Sound Sets

How to install and use Sound Sets

On the Manual Sound Sets page check Use manual sound set and assign channels and programs for all instruments that appear in your score. If you use instruments more than once, also reserve the according number of channels for them. Then save your playback configuration.

In Vienna Ensemble, insert as many instruments as you need (point 1 below). Depending on the library, add the according player (Vienna Instruments (Pro), Vienna Imperial, Synchron Player, Synchron Pianos).Set the channels(point 2) and load the VI presets that came with the Soundset Installer. These presets can be found in the "Sibelius" folder(points 3 and 4). For the Synchron and SYNCHRON-ized libraries there are no dedicated presets for Sibelius. The sound sets for these libraries work with the presets that come with the library content.

Then save your Sibelius playback configuration. Be aware that some presets need lots of RAM. In order to save RAM,you can load smaller presets (L1) or use the Learn/Optimize function of the Vienna Instruments player. Vienna Instruments Pro and Synchron Player users can disable cells/slots they don't need. Disabled patches get removed from RAM.

How to install and use Sound Sets

More than one Vienna Ensemble

If you want to use more than 16 instruments or different collections (and therefore different sound sets) at the same time, you will need more than one instance of Vienna Ensemble.

To do so, simply activate Vienna Ensemble more than once from the Available devices list. Check Use manual Sound Set and set channels and programs for all VE instances on the Manual Sound Sets page. You can switch between the instances in the Device line on that page. Don’t forget to save your playback configuration after that.

For Vienna Ensemble PRO users it is possible to have all loaded instruments in one instance, even if more than 16 instruments and different sound sets are used in one Sibelius playback configuration.

Any additional Vienna Ensemble (PRO) instance that would be needed with the free Vienna Ensemble version can now be substituted with the Vienna Ensemble PRO Event Input Plug-in which delivers up to 31 additional MIDI ports with 16 channels each.

More than one Vienna Ensemble

All instruments are routed to the same Vienna Ensemble PRO instance now. MIDI ports have to be set up in Vienna Ensemble PRO for every instrument, which is not necessary for Sibelius users with the free Vienna Ensemble Version, as there simply is only one available port. Sound sets and the settings on the Manual Sound Sets page have to be configured in the same way as explained above.

More than one Vienna Ensemble

More details about the Vienna Ensemble PRO Event Input can be found in the Vienna Ensemble PRO manual, which can be downloaded in the MyVSL area of our website under Software Manuals.

How to use the Vienna Symphonic Library House Style

What is a House Style file

The Sibelius House Style defines various things. Some are layout related. For working with the Vienna Instruments two items are very useful:

  1. Playback dictionary: For some articulations there are special keywords in the Sibelius playback dictionary needed. By importing the "Vienna Symphonic Library" House Style all these keywords will be included in the dictionary.The dynamic values are also optimized for playback with the VSL instruments.

  2. Instrument definitions: (Mainly important for the "VE Percussion", "VE Strings"and "VE Woodwinds+Brass" soundsets). For some switches to work correctly, it is necessary to have the instruments from the "Vienna Symphonic Library" House Style loaded in your score.

So by importing the Vienna Symphonic Library House Style file, you will make the cooperation of Sibelius and the Vienna Instruments smoother.

Importing the Vienna Symphonic Library House Style

  1. In Sibelius you can select a House Style when creating a new score or load it at a later point in the menu Appearance/HouseStyle/Import.

  2. Select "Vienna Symphonic Library"

  3. Under Import Options, keep at least "Playback dictionary" and "Instrument definitions" selected.

How to use the Vienna Symphonic Library House Style