NEW in 2022 - Our transition from eLicenser to iLok

As you probably know, we switched our copy protection system, and there are some great benefits available for you now with iLok:

  • Cloud storage - no need for a key/USB dongle!
  • Flexible license management in the iLok License Manager.
  • Batch activation of multiple licenses.
  • New VSL sample content with updated presets and integrated library updates for all VSL products.
  • Improved content management with the new Vienna Assistant:
    Vienna Assistant macOS
    Vienna Assistant Windows
  • Future-proof: You will benefit from all updates, expansions and upgrades of our library and software products.

Please find all FAQs regarding iLok and eLicenser right here.


Vienna Instruments users (LEGACY eLicenser): You have been upgraded to Vienna Instruments Pro FOR FREE. All projects containing Vienna Instruments instances will open with Vienna Instruments Pro right away!

License activation

License activation with iLok is now very comfortable:

  1. Register your free iLok account!

  2. Register your iLok account with us

  3. If you already have VSL licenses: Convert your licenses

Your licenses will be added to your iLok account right after purchase/conversion, so you can decide how you'd like to use them: On a physical iLok key (available separately) or with the iLok Cloud (no key necessary).


You need an internet access to activate your license(s). If you are using the iLok Cloud, a permanent internet connection is mandatory.

You will download and install your sample content and software with the help of the Vienna Assistant.

We have prepared Video Tutorials showing the registration and installation routine on screen; you can find them at our website's Quick Start Guides.

iLok License Manager

The iLok License Manager provides access to all your iLok-protected licenses. Your licenses are delivered to your registered iLok account automatically, and you can comfortably move your licenses between different locations, e.g., use your licenses in cloud sessions or drag licenses from one iLok key to the other. You can also move your licenses from your key to the cloud if you are travelling with our iLok key.

Get an overview of the new possibilities right here.

For all users of iLok keys: Zero Downtime™ (ZDT) is an optional iLok coverage that gives you immediate access to your licenses in the case of a broken, lost, or stolen iLok USB. If you rely on 24/7 access to your licenses, ZDT is for you!

Installed Programs and Files

Vienna Instruments PRO comes with quite a few additional files that will be installed in the Programs/Application Folder. Vienna Instruments PRO Standalone is explained later in this manual, the Vienna Instruments PRO Uninstaller on OS X can be used if you'd like to roll back to an earlier version.



Directory Manager

The Vienna Instruments software includes a utility called the Vienna Instruments Directory Manager which keeps track of the drives and folders your data is installed in, providing that information for Vienna Instruments PRO. Your Sample Content is assigned automatically when you install a new Vienna Instruments Collection.

You can look up the details on the Directory Manager in your Vienna Instruments Manual, here we will focus on the only new addition with Vienna Instruments PRO, which is the Time Stretch Cache folder: Define the location where your stretched samples will be stored. Staccato Patches will take less space, Performance Legato Patches with up to 1000 samples per patch will produce quite some additional data.

Set a Size Limit for your time stretch cache folder. If the stretch cache reaches the set limit, Vienna Instruments PRO will automatically clean up the disk space. If you are using Time Stretching a lot, make sure to have a high Size Limit (default: 100 GB). If possible, don't assign the Time Stretch Cache Folder to your system drive.

  • When using SSD drives (in this case, drive "I"), you can set the Preload Size for the folders on this drive to a lower setting (default is 16384 Samples, which is good for conventional drives). You can select multiple folders at once.

Setting a lower preload size will allow you to load up to 10 times (!!) more samples while substantially lowering loading times.

Cross-reference: As soon as you have assigned different Preload Sizes in the Directory Manager, you cannot set the Default Preload Size in the Settings Tab of Vienna Instruments PRO 2 anymore!

The Custom Data Folder that contains all your customized presets and matrices can easily be assigned to a location of your choice:

It is located in the following locations by default. This location will avoid any permission problems.



Library Installer (LEGACY eLicenser only)

The Vienna Instruments Library Installer takes care of the installation of your Vienna Instruments DVD Collections , your Download Instruments and the MIR PRO Roompacks.

Start the Vienna Instruments Library Installer, point it to the "" file in your downloaded installation content folder and you will be guided through the installation process.


DOWNLOAD INSTRUMENTS: The Vienna Download Manager takes care of the installation automatically.

System Requirements


Windows 8.1 (latest update, 64-bit), Intel Core i3 or AMD Athlon 64 X2 or
OSX 10.13 (latest update), Intel Core i3

Sample Content:
7200 rpm hard drive for the sample content
iLok Account and iLok License Manager software for activation in the cloud or on a physical iLok 2/iLok 3 key

Windows 10/11 (latest updates, 64-bit), Intel Core i5/i7/i9/Xeon or
macOS 11 (or higher), Intel Core i5/i7/i9/Xeon/M1/M2
SSD (M2, SATA 6 or USB3/3.1, UASP Support - HFS+, APFS or NTFS formatted)
AU/VST3/AAX Native compatible host
88 key master keyboard

LEGACY eLicenser protection

With our switch to the more flexible and convenient iLok system, it makes sense to switch to iLok on your computer as well! However, there is no rush, as your existing setup will keep on working as long as your OS is supported.


Find more information on eLicenser protection and the** Vienna Key** right here! More information about the implications of our switch to iLok for eLicenser users!