SIMPLIFY – one word is the mantra that accompanies the Vienna Symphonic Library team every day. The search for the best algorithms in audio processing in the digital domain is showing long-awaited and surprising results.

In combination with the taste of the experts, trained from years of experience with the most sensible sounds available in virtual orchestration, the Vienna Symphonic Library Development Team, Martin Saleteg and George Yohng, have created a meticulously engineered plug-in bundle to produce musical results in a wide variety of applications.

Intuitive handling of complex audio signals calls for new approaches to their design. As with the Vienna Instruments, visual feedback for the well-known basic audio processes in the background is a great feature for everybody involved in the evolution of sound from the first sketches to the final mix, serving both newcomers and professionals.

Most of the plug-ins include tailor-made presets for Vienna Instruments which will give you a lot of creative input for your soundscapes and provide quite a number of sonic solutions and ideas for both individual instruments as well as complete mixes. Our research was following musical guidelines, and the decision to let you benefit from our findings in form of intelligible User Interfaces was easily made after the huge success of the Vienna Instruments. Enjoy this new array of great-sounding yet CPU-friendly plug-ins for the everyday audio processing requirements that are easy to operate, yet super-efficient.

Walkthrough Video

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