Welcome to MIRx – Reverb Mixing Extension!

Positioning your symphonic instruments in a virtual room has never been easier:

MIRx provides you with a simple, yet effective solution for your mix, taking advantage of the experience we collected over the years with its big brother, Vienna MIR PRO.

We extracted the crucial positions of symphonic instruments and implemented automatic recognition of the loaded instruments within Vienna Instruments / PRO, giving you an instant, yet intuitively controllable, mixing template.

  • Load any virtual instrument in Vienna Instruments / PRO
  • Activate MIRx in Advanced View (the orchestral seating in the selected MIRx Venue will be loaded)

And as the icing on the cake: Each position for each instrument comes with tailor-made EQ settings, totalling in more than 1300 positions for all MIRx Venues (more than 300 positions per room)!

For sonic flexibility: Choose between the traditional orchestral seating and a position for solo performances for most instruments. Some instruments even add positions for additional players, e.g., Vienna Horn 1/2/3/4.

Check out the QuickStart Video Tutorial for MIRx

MIRx Features at a glance

  • More than 1300 positions for all Vienna Instruments
  • Automatic Instrument Recognition
  • Tailor -made EQ settings for each instrument and position
  • Synchronize all instances (selectable parameters)
  • Use Natural Volume for sonic balance throughout the orchestra
  • 5 available MIRx Venues
    1. Vienna Konzerthaus Grosser Saal
    2. Vienna Konzerthaus Mozartsaal
    3. Teldex Studio Berlin
    4. The Sage Gateshead Hall One
    5. Kloster Pernegg

With MIRx, it's convenience and simplicity that counts – in combination with a great sound, that will fit most circumstances!

Vienna MIR PRO, the big brother of MIRx, will provide you with more flexibility in all aspects of Multi Impulse Response Reverberation, from instrument positioning to microphone selection.