General Preferences


Location Management

  1. Choose the default locations for download and installation.

Always choose location demands a location confirmation for every initiated download.


Exception: Bulk Install

  1. A flexible VST2 Location (Windows only).

Vienna Assistant Modes & Download Options


  1. Download-Only Mode doesn’t start the installation process after successful download. When activated, you will see the status in the lower left corner of your Vienna Assistant. Default: Off.

If you want to download your sample content without installing it right away, the Download Only Mode will save all installation data in your designated download location. Check the chapter Vienna Hard Drive / Offline Installation for installation instructions!

  1. Keep downloaded library data prevents the automatic deletion of the downloaded installation files after successful installation. Default: Off.

  2. Offline-Mode deactivates the constant online-check, which can be useful for computers that are not connected tot he Internet.

  3. Receive only mandatory notifications reduces the information we are supplying you with to ONLY important updates regarding your registered products.

Library Updates – Offline Mode Workflow

PART 1: Download the update on a computer with internet access

  • Activate Download Only Mode in the Vienna Assistant preferences
  • If an update for a library is available, it will show the “Download Update Only” button in the detailed product view:


  • Click on the button to download the update. If you want to download the whole content including the update, use the blue download button to the left

STEP 2: Install the update on a computer in offline mode

  • Drag and drop the folder containing the update on the Vienna Assistant. You can also drop the file inside the folder.
  • The update will be installed immediately

The main content needs to be installed first.

[!ATTENTION] You can only install one update at once. Dropping multiple folders is not possible


Set a download speed limit to reduce CPU consumption or free up some bandwidth of your internet connection, limit the number of maximum parallel downloads and Restore Default Settings, whenever necessary.

Database Preferences


The Database page lets you determine which library products should be displayed in your sample players.

A click on the eye symbol adds/removes the products from the Synchron Player Database / Vienna Instruments Directory Manager. You can also Hide all and Unhide all products on top of the list.


You can also drag and drop libraries here, it is the same feature as Add existing libraries in the Main Menu.


Any change in the Database settings requires a restart of your host to be effective.