Main Page


  1. Product Display: See all products depending on the product filter set in the side bar. Click on a product tile to see the product details and start your download.

  2. Main Menu: Set the default paths for download and installation in Preferences and benefit from many useful features.

  3. Bulk Install Install multiple products at once!

  4. Collapse/Expand Categories: Get a better overview of all available catagories with this comfortable switch.

  5. Search: Search for specific instruments or products, always depending on the set filter in the side bar.

  6. Manual/Repair/Sorting/Refresh: Open this online manual, repair products (when orange) and customize your product view. Refresh updates your products.

  7. Side Bar: A simply way to filter the products displayed in the main screen, always in sync with your registered products.

  8. Log-in Info: Displays your registered email address when logged in, and the version number of the Vienna Assistant.

  9. Show/Hide Progress: Click to open an overview of all ongoing tasks.

  10. Progress Summary: A quick overview of all tasks.

  11. Download Graph: Follow the download speed of your ongoing downloads.

Bulk Install

For those of you who need the quickest way to download and install all their registered products, our bulk-install option is the way to go.

Choose from the available categories to select all your registered products and customize your selection as you prefer. All available components for these selections will then be downloaded and installed in one go.


Click Install to start the download & installation process. All selected products will be added to the selected download & installation locations on top of the window.


When downloading/installing on separate drives it makes sense to initiate multiple bulk-installation processes!

The Main Menu offers convenient options and the Preferences of your Vienna Assistant:


  1. Install from drive offers the possibility to install our sample library products and MIR RoomPacks directly from a local drive like the Vienna Hard Drive. You can start this „local installation process“ by dragging a downloaded installation folder on top of the Vienna Assistant.

This also works with multiple files contained in a folder.

  1. Start tour again launches the tour guide you have seen at first log-in once again.

  2. Add existing libraries lets you add any previously installed libraries (e.g., from another drive).

  3. Delete eLicencer Libraries to free up space! This option searches for all paths to eLicenser-protected samples content assigned in the Synchron Player Database and the Vienna Instruments Directory Manager and permanently deletes these files (no instant recovery possible)!

  4. Preferences shows all options of your Vienna Assistant, from default locations to database management.

  5. Create Support File extracts a zip file with helpful information for our support team, which will be placed on your desktop.

  6. Logout (Online Only) to go back to the Login Page.

The Side Bar contains the main menu and options to filter the displayed products.


Click on "Expand/Collapse Catagories" for a better overview!

Side Bar

  1. NEW shows the products you licensed since you last logged in.

  2. Updates shows all products that offer updates.

  3. All shows all VSL products, registered or not.

  4. Installed shows all registered product installed on your system.

  5. Not Installed shows all your registered products that are not installed.

  6. Manuals opens our documentation page, with manuals, FAQs and product guides.

  7. News shows the latest news from Vienna (Special Offers, Updates, Interviews…).

  8. Additionals offers tutorial files, notation-related material, MKS Installer and more.



  1. Search for specific instruments, sections or products

  2. Click the ? Button to open this manual in the internal webview.

  3. The Repair icon shows all products that need to be repaired. An orange wrench indicates one or more broken products.

Repair Button

Repair Message

Locate All lets you locate the sample content of all files at once, and you can also click on Repair for each individual products and locate or remove it.

  1. Sort products lets you sort your displayed products by name and size.

  2. Grid view

  3. List view

  4. Refresh updates your Vienna Assistant, in case a recent purchase does not show up.

Progress Summary

The Download Overview displays quick information of all running tasks (downloads, installations, move etc.).


  1. You can see the finished/total number of tasks.

  2. The remaining time, the current download speed and the total size is displayed for downloaded files.

  3. Observe the download speed in the graph to the right.

  4. Green: Current speed.

  5. Orange: Average speed.


If you have limited the download speed in your Vienna Assistant Preferences, you will see this limit additionally in the graph.

Progress Overview

Your Progress Overview lists all currently running tasks with additional information available for all queued tasks when you click "Show Progress".


Green: Download/installation/copy/move/uninstall finished Blue: Downloading / finished downloading process (Download-Only-Mode) Orange: Process Cancelled

  1. Show/Hide Details will expand/collapse the complete process details for all listed tasks.

  2. Details include the assigned locations of all tasks as well as status, speed and size (downloads only). The currently active tasks are always showing the process details.


  1. Click the pause/play button to pause the task.

  2. A click on X removes completed/canceled task from the list.

  3. You will see a Retry option in case an operation does not finish as planned.


Additionally, you can search tasks by name.

Clear all finished or canceled tasks and pause/cancel all tasks.


Move, Copy and Delete cannot be stopped once active, and Cancel all will not affect these operations as they have to be completed in order to avoid faulty content.