Multi-Computer Setup

A typical multi-computer setup with Vienna Ensemble Pro may look as follows:

Multi Computer Setup

Each Vienna Ensemble Pro Networked Computer needs to have a license for the given library products (e.g., Epic Orchestra 2.0 on one computer) and the Vienna Ensemble Pro license. You will also need the content of your library products available and assigned in your Directory Manager (described in your Vienna Instruments Pro Manual)!

On a Mac, unzip the Vienna Ensemble Pro Installer and run the installation. After accepting the license agreement, you will be asked for a destination folder.

On Windows, run the Vienna Ensemble Pro Installer . You will also be asked for the location of your sequencer's VST plug-in folder . You can specify another directory for the plug-in, but it should remain within the sequencer's plug-in path.

Single Computer Setup

Of course this is the easiest way to use Vienna Ensemble Pro. Simply install the software, make sure your license is activated in the iLok License Manager – done!


Ensure that a Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 license is activated on your master computer. Then

  1. Launch the Vienna Ensemble Pro Server.

  2. In your sequencer, insert Vienna Ensemble Pro as a VST/VST3/AU/AAX/MAS instrument.

  3. The Vienna Ensemble Pro Plug-in will open. Click Connect and choose localhost [64] (NEW).

  4. A new instance of Vienna Ensemble Pro appears – and you can start exploring right away.

To connect to a Vienna Ensemble Pro Server on a networked computer over LAN, activate your license in your iLok License Manager on your networked computer and start the Vienna Ensemble Pro Server (64-bit) – then proceed with step 2 from above. Provided your network connection works properly, you will see the IP address of your networked computer instead of

The components of this flexible software are described in detail on the following pages.

Installed Files

To use Epic Orchestra 2.0, you need to install not only Vienna Ensemble Pro, but also the Vienna Synchron Player Software.

Once installed, the new Vienna Ensemble Pro folder will appear in your programs/applications.


Uninstall Vienna Ensemble Pro: Helpful if you want to roll back to an earlier version.

Vienna Ensemble Pro: Stand-alone 64-bit software.

Vienna Ensemble Pro Server: Connect to this 64-bit server from within your sequencer (see next page). This is the key element when you are working over network.


Vienna Ensemble Pro (64-bit): Stand-alone 64-bit software

Vienna Ensemble Pro Server (64-bit): Connect to this 64-bit server from within your sequencer (see next page). This is the key element when you are working over network.


All Vienna Sample Players need to be installed separately to be available in Vienna Ensemble Pro 7.