Important Notes For Logic Pro X Users


This chapter applies to LOGIC in combination with Audio/Event Input Plug-ins

Logic's "Live" mode

For proper functionality when using the Audio/Event Input plug-ins in Logic, both the channel that has the main Vienna Ensemble Pro Plug-in and the channels that have an Audio/Event Input Plug-in must be forced into Logic's "Live" mode.

How to force a Logic stereo channel into "Live" mode:

  • Add an insert effect: Utility => I/O
  • Enable its output
  • Bypass it


Logic channels that are in "Live" mode as well as the channels connected to them will run their processing tasks on a single CPU core.

Automation in Logic

If you are using Parameter Automation in Logic: Preferences -> Audio -> General -> "Sample Accurate Automation" needs to be set to "Off" or glitches will occur:

Merging existing VE Pro projects (*.vep files)

To accelerate the creation of your new templates with the Multiport Template for Logic Pro X and with the new MAS version for Digital Performer, you can use the MERGE function in Vienna Ensemble Pro’s FILE menu.


Merge any existing project and choose from the available import options:

Merge Menu

After you have merged your projects, please assign the appropriate MIDI ports and MIDI channels as well as the Output configuration.

Output Mapping

Multiple MIDI ports in Logic Pro X – a different approach

By using the possibilities of the Logic Environment, we found a way to provide you with multiple MIDI input ports per instance , as well as the ability to automate parameters from the Vienna Ensemble Pro Plug-in without using the Event Input plug-in.

This system avoids "Live" mode and the automation workarounds mentioned above, provided no Audio Input plug-ins are used.


The Multiport Template works best in Logic Pro X 10.1 or higher, as in this version an internal buffer in Logic Pro X was multiplied, reducing the risk of dropped or hanging notes to a minimum.

Multiple MIDI Ports in Logic

Download the file Vienna Ensemble Pro Multiport Templates for Logic Pro X and unzip it.

You will find 3 Logic Songs:

  • VE Pro 5 Multiport 1x16 Ports Logic Pro X => 1 VE Pro instance with 16 MIDI ports
  • VE Pro 5 Multiport 2x48 Ports Logic Pro X => 2 VE Pro instances, each with 48 MIDI ports
  • VE Pro 5 Multiport 6x16 Ports Logic Pro X => 6 VE Pro instances, each with 16 MIDI ports

Launch the 64 bit Vienna Ensemble Pro SERVER and make sure that you have enabled the appropriate number of MIDI ports in the Vienna Ensemble Pro Server Preferences (you will need 48 Ports per instance for the 2x48 Ports Template).

MIDI Port Settings

Launch Logic Pro X and load one of the extracted songs.

Make sure that each VE Pro MAIN instance is connected to the correct Vienna Ensemble Pro SERVER(S).

Connect to Instance

For a better overview we used the Track Stacks feature in Logic Pro X.

Each Track Stack contains 16 MIDI channels for each MIDI port.

You can now also PRESERVE the selected instance!

MIDI Ports in Logic

In Vienna Ensemble Pro, insert the instrument plug-ins of your choice.

Assign the appropriate MIDI PORT and MIDI channel to each instrument.

MIDI Port Selection MIDI Channel Selection

MIDI Port / Channel GUI Overview

If you insert MONO-TIMBRAL instruments (like Vienna Instruments), choose 1 as default MIDI channel in your Vienna Ensemble Pro Instances Preferences. You will get incremented MIDI channels.

If you are using MULTI-TIMBRAL instruments like KONTAKT , choose OMNI as default MIDI channel in your Vienna Ensemble Pro Instances Preferences.

To take advantage of the multiple ports available with the Multiport Template, you can now merge multiple VE Pro instances to one instance.

Parameter Automation in the Multiport Template

Automation can be done from the main Server Interface plug-in channel with this approach, provided that you have no Audio/Event Input plug-ins assigned to it.

Press "A" on your computer keyboard to display the Automation parameters and select the parameters from the Parameter Automation menu. Also check Parameter Automation.

Parameter Automation

Parameter Automation

Routing in Logic Pro X

Start the Vienna Ensemble Pro SERVER.

Then, instantiate a multi-timbral Software Instrument track:

Assign Vienna Ensemble Pro (Multi Output).

The Vienna Ensemble Pro Plug-in opens – click "Connect" and choose the Vienna Ensemble Pro instance of your choice.

The windows you see now are the Vienna Ensemble Pro Plug-in and the Vienna Ensemble Pro Server.

Now you can assign different outputs in Vienna Ensemble Pro. It is also possible to assign the outputs below the fader of each channel.

In Logic Pro X, open the Mixer page. Outputs 1–2 are automatically assigned in the Audio Instrument channel.

You can add more stereo channels in ascending order comfortably by simply clicking the "+" Button underneath the SOLO button in the Instrument channel.