Welcome to Vienna Ensemble 7

Vienna Ensemble can host multiple instances of all your Vienna Sample Players: Vienna Instruments PRO, Synchron Player, Synchron Pianos, Synchron Harp, Viennna Organ Player and Vienna Imperial!

It allows you to configure audio busses as well as insert and send effects ( AU/VST in macOS and VST/WIN) for each loaded instrument. You can save your custom Projects for complete orchestral setups, making it much easier to configure your virtual orchestra.

New features of Vienna Ensemble 7

  • VST 3 now supports program changes.

Improved GUI

Interface Improvements

  • Articulation Display – The currently playing articulation is displayed directly in the channel for all Vienna Sample Players.

  • Missing Patches – Missing patches are indicated by a red frame for all Vienna Sample Players.

  • Vertical Instance List – For a quicker overview of all available instances (in addition to the tabbed view)

  • Instance CPU usage – Real-time read-out of the specific CPU load

  • Instance MIDI / Audio Activity – Better overview, easy to observe and control MIDI and audio activity

  • Improved Color Selection

Improved Resource Management

Resource Management

  • Copy / Paste channel sets

Improved Plug-in Management

  • Favorites Manager – Create a list of your personal go-to plug-ins (FX / Instruments).

  • Favorites (auto-populated) – Always have your most recently used plug-ins available on top of your plug-in list.

  • Deactivate Plug-ins in the Vienna Ensemble Preferences.

  • Improved Plug-in Scanning for a smoother experience with troublesome or incompatible plug-ins installed.

Plugin Manager

Plugin List Improvements

System Requirements

  • Vienna Ensemble 7 runs on PC Intel Core 2 Duo/AMD Athlon 64 X2 machines with Windows 8.1, 32-bit and 64-bit versions, and Intel Core i3 with macOS 10.13 (latest update) or higher.

  • Windows only: You can run the 32-bit version and the 64-bit version of Vienna Ensemble simultaneously, so that you can make use of all your plug-ins!

Hello Vienna - Free Instruments

Epic Orchestra consists of a hand-picked selection of instruments:

Synchron Player

You will get a great impression of the possibilities available in virtual orchestration when working with Vienna Symphonic Library products and our free instruments.

Check out the FREE Big Bang Orchestra:

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Video Tutorials

As with all our software products, you can find many video tutorials showing the different features discussed in this manual: