The Vienna Organ Player first entered the virtual stage together with the Great Rieger Organ, our completely refurbished version of a Vienna Instrument named the Konzerthaus Organ. It was designed to equip organ sample libraries with an extensive yet facile structure enabling the player to pull all the stops with quite some ease of use.

Vienna Organ Player

The Player engine is designed to manage the manuals and pedal of an organ so that you can easily access the different stops to create registrations suited to your music, and play on a MIDI organ or common MIDI keyboard, using keyswitches, program changes, or other MIDI controllers to address the manuals and change combinations. The Vienna Organ Player is multi-timbral, so that you can address the manuals and pedal via dedicated MIDI channels.

The player's COMBINE tab gives an overview of all the organ's stops as distributed over manuals and pedal (also called ‘Werks'). Manuals and pedal each can be assigned individual MIDI inputs, and in the case of the Great Rieger Organ are routed to their own audio channels, which you can see and edit in the MIX tab. Organs recorded with multiple microphone positions, such as the Synchron Molzer Organ, use the audio channels for microphones. The PLAY tab provides access to the parameters you will find useful for recording sessions and live play. The interface is scalable in steps from 75% to 200%, so it is retina-ready and will adapt to any screen size.