MIR Pro 3D

Welcome to MIR Pro 3D, the new incarnation of VSL's renowned Multi Impulse Response Mixing and Reverberation Engine.

This unique application is still designed to be mostly self-explanatory; however, we kindly invite you to read this little manual to make even better use of its highly advanced features.

In case you need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact us via e-Mail at support@vsl.co.at, or drop a message in our dedicated Vienna MIR, Vienna Suite, Mixing & Postpro forum at vsl.co.at/community/forums.

What is MIR Pro 3D?

MIR Pro 3D is an innovative, highly integrated software package for mixing, spatialization (distribution in space) and reverberation of virtual orchestral instruments. Just like its predecessors Vienna MIR Pro / MIR Pro 24, it offers advanced stage positioning possibilities, sample-based reverb (so-called Multi Impulse Responses, hence the name), and individually assignable signal processing. One of the striking differences, though, is that MIR Pro 3D implements 3rd order Ambisonics processing throughout the entire signal path.

All existing venues' room responses are now equipped with augmented directional resolution, improving their spatial mapping in direction and depth. Our first-order measurements were augmented to Higher Order Ambisonics (HOA) by Franz Zotter and Matthias Frank (University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz, Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics – one of the worldwide hotspots of Ambisonics research) in 2022. This allows for greatly improved "envelopment" and localization of the entire decoding process, or in short: better sound.

Its main goal is a fast and intuitive, yet highly realistic approach to the realisation and mixdown of virtual orchestral music as well as any other kind of digital audio production.

The main components and core technologies of MIR Pro 3D are:

  • VST / AU / AAX Native plug-in to be used as an insert effect with your host's sound sources; also in combination with Vienna Ensemble Pro
  • Unique instrument-conscious (signal dependent) directivity handling
  • Mixing and spatialization tool for any kind of digital audio sources on detailed virtualizations of real halls and stages
  • Convolution-based reverberation tool, derived from world class orchestral venues
  • Advanced multi-format mixing engine with full 3D audio support from stereo set-ups to 5.1 and beyond with instrument-specific, hand-tuned presets
  • 3rd order Ambisonics processing throughout the entire signal path
  • Players and virtual microphones can be moved and rotated in any direction
  • Hands-on graphical user interface
  • Multiple simultaneously active venues
  • Advanced preset management with "roles" for venues and instruments, putting complex set-ups at your fingertips and enabling easier migration of players
  • Function-specific grouping of icons
  • Refined dry/wet volume ratio handling
  • Full compatibility with existing set-ups of legacy Vienna MIR Pro