Buyer's Guide


Synchron Series

Our Synchron Series products are based on the sound of the famous Synchron Stage Vienna - home of the Vienna Symphonic Library since 2015!

  • Synchron Series products have been recorded with a multi-microphones setup right at Synchron Stage Vienna and can cater all possible audio formats, from stereo over surround to immersive surround sound!

  • Synchron Pianos share the same idea: Recording our incredible piano selection in the best location possible, with multiple microphones. The perfect representation of the acoustics at Synchron Stage Vienna make our Synchron Pianos the go-to option for pianists worldwide.

SYNCHRON-ized Products

  • SYNCHRON-ized products are based on our Vienna Instruments collections. All samples have been carefully re-edited and optimized to work in our convenient Synchron Player Software - with a great sound out of the box!

Starter Editions

A great way to start your journey into the world of Vienna!

  • Special Editions contain the most essential articulations of the instruments we have recorded! A great opportunity to access each solo instrument and section individually!
    The VI Special Editions use our Vienna Instruments Software as a Sample Player.
    The SYNCHRON-ized Special Editions are optimized for the Synchron Player - and we have thrown in some additional instruments!

  • SMART Series products allow the fastest access to intuitive orchestration, with the Vienna Smart Orchestra being the perfect tool for keyboard players who want to arrange in stems.

Vienna Smart Spheres and Vienna Smart Hits are opening the doors to a sound-design experience that is based on organic symphonic sounds.

Big Bang Orchestra Series

Fast and big and flexible: Our Big Bang Orchestra made a big splash with its release, and the FREE Big Bang Orchestra is available for download for everyone interested.

Vienna Instruments Series

Powered by the ground-breaking Vienna Instruments Software, our VI Series still contain the most articulations in our arsenal of symphonic sounds. Benefit from Bundle Prices or pick and mix from the available sections and single instruments.
Great crossgrade prices to the corresponding SYNCHRON-ized Products make these products a safe bet!

Included Software

Our instruments always come with a player software included, so you can go ahead and play!

  • Vienna Synchron Player

    • Our modern take on virtual instruments, with a convenient dimension tree for a quick overview and a powerful integrated mixer. Comes with all Synchron Series products.
  • Vienna Synchron Pianos

    • This software can handle the multi-microphone recordings in a perfect way, with lots of options to fine-tune the performance!
  • Vienna Synchron Harp

    • Customized sample player for the exquiste samples of our Synchron Harp, with a pedal mode that gives you full access to all the glissando and arpeggio possibilities a concert harp has to offer.
  • Vienna Organ Player

    • Included with our Great Rieger Organ: A customized user interface for all organ afficionados.
  • Vienna Instruments Pro Player

    • The versatile sample player that is included with each Vienna Instruments Collection.
  • Vienna Ensemble

    • This plug-in host makes our sample players multi-timbral, so you can host multiple instances in one host.

Comparison: Synchron Series and Vienna Instruments Collections

Our SYNCHRON-ized products are all based on the corresponding Vienna Instruments collections, with convenient crossgrade paths available, if you already registered the Vienna Instruments version.
The main difference is the state-of-the-art Synchron Player interface itself:

  • Intuitive and descriptive articulation selection in the Dimension Tree
  • Powerful mixer with integrated FX plug-ins
  • Mixer presets for great sound out of the box
  • Perfect placement of each instrument at Synchron Stage Vienna
  • Balanced volume levels of all instruments
  • Real-time time-stretching

Comparison: Synchron and SYNCHRON-ized

  • Synchron Series products like Synchron Strings Pro, Synchron FX Strings I, Synchron Percussion I and Synchron Pianos were all recorded with multiple microphones, which are handled in the Synchron Player Mixer in an ideal way.

  • Our SYNCHRON-ized products contain stereo samples from our Vienna Instruments Collections which have been optimized to be used in the Synchron Player. Using Impulse Responses, the contained instruments have been placed perfectly at Synchron Stage Vienna and work with all Synchron Series products out of the box.

Upgrade Paths

We offer upgrade paths for all products that contain the sample content of the bigger and/or newer product, so make sure you are logged in when you check YOUR PRICE on our product pages. Our Upgrade paths are explained in detail here.