Material for Dorico users on the VSL website

The "VSL for Dorico" installer can be downloaded from the Vienna Symphonic Library website:

Currently, we offer VSL Playback Templates for the following VSL libraries:

  • Synchron Prime Edition
  • Synchron Woodwinds
  • Synchron Brass
  • Synchron Duality Strings
  • Synchron Elite Strings
  • Synchron Strings Pro
  • Synchron Harp
  • SYzd Woodwinds
  • SYzd Single Woodwind Packs
  • SYzd Solo Strings
  • SYzd Harps
  • SYzd Voices
  • SYzd Saxophones
  • All SYzd Special Edition Volumes

Dorico 3.5 or higher is mandatory as our "VSL for Dorico" installer does not work with earlier versions.


Please always use the latest version of the Vienna Synchron Player & Synchron Pianos Player. The latest installers can be found here:

Additional "VSL for Dorico" content

We have prepare a series of Dorico screencasts featuring our VSL Playback Templates in combination with the SYNCHRON-ized Special Edition instruments.

  • 01 Example Project ("VSL for Dorico - Introduction" video @ 2:58)
  • 02 Forrest Gump Suite (Alan Silvestri)
  • 03 Basic Instinct - Main Theme (Jerry Goldsmith)
  • 04 Pavane pour une infante défunte (Maurice Ravel)
  • 05 Hope over Sorrow (Guy Bacos) - ("SY Strings Pro Update" video @ 1:00)

Please download the projects directly from the MyVSL area:

Screencast playlist

Discover Dorico session

John Barron's live session on "Playback Templates for VSL SYNCHRON-ized Special Editions" (Wednesday, 4th November at 5pm CE). A great in-depth video by John from the Dorico team: