Welcome To Vienna Ensemble 6

About Vienna Ensemble

Vienna Ensemble is automatically installed with the Vienna Instruments Software and can host multiple instances of Vienna Instruments, Vienna Instruments PRO and Vienna Imperial!

It allows you to configure audio busses as well as insert and send effects ( AU/VST inOS X and VST/WIN) for each loaded instrument. You can save your custom Projects for complete orchestral setups, making it much easier to configure your virtual orchestra.

New features of Vienna Ensemble 6

  • Retina* (HiDPI) graphics support on both Mac and PCs

  • Tabbed instances – Improved organization with one common window for all instances, with detachable instances, re-ordering of instances, and tab-coloring for better identification

  • VCA folders let you organize your channels conveniently with folders and subfolders that are easy to color-code

  • VST hosting on the Mac, allowing for full compatibility with Windows

  • New code base for about 70% less CPU usage for all internal Vienna Ensemble calculations

  • Rewritten user interface code resulting in 80% less CPU usage for graphics

  • Improved multi-threading performance for increased plug-in hosting capacity

  • Faster connection/disconnection times when switching between projects

  • Unified channel model – Every channel now has the capability to be a bus, Vienna Instruments , Vienna Instruments Pro or Vienna Imperial channel

  • In combination with Vienna MIR Pro: Impulse response files loading up to 5 times faster, improved graphical performance (especially under OS X).

  • Mixer Interface Customization allows turning on or off sections in the mixer to suit your needs

  • Transmission of all keys to host – Shortcuts not in use by Vienna Ensemble will be transferred to a connected DAW

  • Miniature view – Channel strips can now be further collapsed

  • Faster plug-in scanning


New features in Vienna Ensemble 6 will be highlighted like this.

Existing features

  • Full Backward Compatibility with Vienna Ensemble 4 and 5

  • Full Plug-in Latency Compensation

  • Transport Play/Stop button , which is transmitted to the master host as well (Space key)

  • Utilize Vienna Ensemble as 32-bit and 64-bit application simultaneously

  • Full Time Information and Synchronization from the master host (SMTP, cycling, time signature, PPQ)

  • Re-arrange and docking/undocking of all windows

  • Ability to move mixer strips by dragging (was previously only possible with channel strips)

  • Ability to drag multiple channel or mixer strips at the same time

  • Ability to undo/redo virtually everything (including 3rd party plugin parameter changes)

  • Vienna Ensemble interface element can be (un)docked and tabbed freely now

  • Ready for Vienna MIR PRO and MIR PRO 24!

Vienna Ensemble PRO, Vienna Instruments PRO

Vienna Ensemble PRO incorporates the first all-in-one MIDI and audio LAN solution that works universally on Macs and PCs. All you need to integrate a slave computer over LAN is a working Gigabit connection, no soundcard or MIDI Interface is needed on your Vienna Ensemble Slave Computer!

Vienna Instruments PRO opens up new dimensions for the art of virtual orchestration! With innovations like Humanize, Enveloped Time Stretching and our APP Sequencer you are entering a new level of virtual reality, with all the little details that make music what it is.

And we have even more in store for you!

Get a free Demo version of new Vienna Software.

System Requirements

Vienna Ensemble 6 runs on PC Intel Core 2 Duo/AMD Athlon 64 X2 machines with Windows 7/10, 32 and 64-bit versions, and Intel Core2Duo machines with Mac OS X 10.10(latest update) or higher. Best of all, you can run the 32-bit version and the 64-bit version of Vienna Ensemble simultaneously, so that you can make use of all your FX plug-ins!

Video Tutorials

As with all our software products, you can find many video tutorials showing the different features discussed in this manual – watch them in the Software Area!

Upgrading from Vienna Ensemble 4/5

As Vienna Ensemble 6 is fully backward-compatible with version 4and 5, you can load your existing projects and keep working on your music right after installation.

eLicenser Control Center

The eLicenser Control Center manages your licenses. Please make sure that you are using the latest version, available at www.elicenser.net.

Remember that you need a ViennaKey (or a Steinberg or Arturia eLicenser) to store your licenses on. You can register your key with us, so that you are safe in case of damage (the first 6 or 7 digits of the key are important, as shown on the screenshot).

Downloading your license is simple: Make sure your ViennaKey is inserted, launch eLicenser Control Center, click on Enter Activation Code and paste your Activation Code into the respective field. You will be guided through the rest of the procedure.

An Internet connection has to be available for this process. You can of course download your license on any Internet computer, in case your music computer is not connected to the Internet.

eLicenser Control Center

If your license download was interrupted for any reason, please click Maintenance (in the upper right corner) – this will complete your license download automatically!