GUI Overview

Gui Overview

  1. Velocity Histogram: Shows the received velocity of every key you play on your keyboard. You can freeze/unfreeze the Velocity Histogram by double-clicking into the histogram display.

  2. Volume Knob: Adjusts the overall volume. It is linked to the Volume Knob on the left of the main GUI. Click-drag or double-click to edit. Command/Ctrl-click to reset.

  3. Volume Meter: Displays the stereo output volume. Clipping will be indicated with a red display.

  4. MIDI Dump: Sends the current sampler slot selection to your sequencer, also via MIDI CC (set in Preferences).

  5. MIDI Player: Only available with Synchron Power Drums, this will open the MIDI Player in a separate window.

  6. Scale Button: The Rescale Button lets you adjust the size of the Synchron Player GUI in steps from 75% to 200%.

  7. Key Info: Opens an additional window showing the assigned keys on the keyboard.

  8. CPU Real-Time Display: Shows the actual CPU load on your computer. Lower latencies and higher voice counts will result in a higher CPU load.

  9. Settings: Lets you adjust your Interface and Engine settings, thus affecting general performance. Here you can also assign the correct sample content in the Database tab.

  10. Browser / Current Preset Display : Click to hide/show Browser. Shows currently loaded preset and mixer preset.

  11. Tree View: Overview of all available articulations.

  12. Tab Selection: Choose from additional customizing options. PERFORM: All parameters and settings affect the whole Synchron Player instance. CONTROL: Shows all assigned controllers. EDIT: Shows customization options for the selected slot in the tree structure. MIX: Integrated mixer for all available microphones.

  13. Tab Display: Shows the controls selected in the tabs above.

  14. Browser: Select from Presets and Patches for all available products.

  15. Information Window: Find additional information and mouse-over information right here.

  16. Keys: Shows the available play range for each selected slot. Keyswitches are coloured according to the corresponding dimension in tree view. Find additional information in the line above the keys.

  17. Activate Range Display: Shows the play range of the selected cell, with handles. Extension up to 1 octave.

  18. Short Mouse-over information: Find a short version of the information window description (13).

  19. Voices: Number of currently played voices on all active microphone channels.

  20. RAM Load / Overall loaded samples: Currently used RAM and sample count.

MIDI Player

Access our tailor-made drum grooves for Synchron Power Drums with this straight-forward MIDI-Player. The MIDI Player always plays back the tempo of the song position in your sequencer. Adjust the MIDI file to your liking (velocity / tempo) and import it in your sequencer via drag and drop.

3 drum sets in 1 MIDI file: These folders contain MIDI files with 3 MIDI channels, so you can work with the 3 drum sets of Synchron Power Drums right away.

The MIDI files you find in our factory folder contain the elements of the groove, divided to different drum sets (DR1-DR3), so you can create your own grooves and experiment with different combinations.


  1. FACTORY: Choose from the custom loops available with Synchron Power Drums.

  2. USER: Browse through your personal MIDI Loop collection, with all the features of the MIDI Player.


  1. FAVORITES: Pick your favorites with a right-click on the selected folder and it will show up here.

  2. Browser: Like in Finder / Explorer, you can move through the available structures.

  3. Loop data: Name, original tempo and the number of bars of the selected file are displayed.

  4. Play/Pause: Click this button to start the selected loop. Alternatively, you can also double-click the file name.

  5. Host Sync: When activated, the Play/Pause button is disabled and playback will start when you sequencer starts.

  6. Loop: Activates the loop for a selected groove.

  7. Velocity: Adjust the overall velocity for your loop and find out which velocities fits best. The setting will be exported when the file is dragged into your sequencer.

  8. Tempo: Choose between half-time, normal and double-time. The setting will be exported when the file is dragged into your sequencer.

  9. Loop position: Shows the playback position of the selected groove.

Key Info

The Key Info provides an additional view of the mapping structure and is a free-floating window.

It shows both keyswitches and mapping information. It will be most helpful with complex mappings like in Synchron Percussion I, where separate articulations and hits are mapped to different keys.

Key Info

  1. Key descriptions: Get the mapping details for the selected slot.

  2. Keyswitches: Displayed on both the keyboard and the key info window, the color-coded keyswitches will make orientation even easier.

Range Display / Adjustment

Activating the Range Display Features shows the range of the selected patch-slot (in the dimension furthest to the right).

You can extend or limit the play range of the selected slot up to one octave up and down.

Range Display