Control Tab

Set up your MIDI Controls with an adjustable curve, range and Polarity Button.

The + sign in the lower left corner lets you choose from all MIDI-automatable parameters.

Control Tab

  1. Destination: Shows the selected Controller Destination.

  2. Source: Shows the assigned MIDI Controller Source. Choose from the controllers available in the drop-down list.

  3. Controller Curve Start: Adjust the start of the controller curve.

  4. Invert: Invert Start and end point of curve.

  5. Controller End: Adjust the end of the controller curve.

  6. Controller Curve: Adjust the controller curve to fit your preferences.

  7. Bipolar: Click to enable a bipolar controller curve.


This tab will be essential for your own preset creation. If you are working with factory presets, the Perform Tab (see previous chapter) will provide all necessary modification options.