SYNCHRON-ized Woodwinds

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the Library Update file.
  2. Double-click the file to open the Download Manager.
  3. Download and install the Library Update, best to your existing sample content folder (other locations will also be accepted).

You can choose which instrument/microphone updates should be included with the Library Update.
The latest Library Update always includes all fixes and features for your product.

July 1st, 2021

SYNCHRON-ized Woodwinds Library Update 05


  • Clarinet 1 Patch "06 CLBb1_run-leg-up_F-ma" had wrong samples

March 17th, 2021

SYNCHRON-ized Woodwinds Library Update 04


  • The presets of the SYNCHRON-ized Woodwinds Expansion were loading without an impulse response
    Note: This update is already included in the latest download file for the SYNCHRON-ized Woodwinds Expansion Set

March 16th, 2021

SYNCHRON-ized Woodwinds Expansion Set


  • Multiple articulations for all instruments: Runs, arpeggios, mordents, pure legato, marcato...
  • New Preset Categories: "Vel XF" and "Vel XF sus"
  • Mixer Preset "99 MIR Pro Unprocessed"

August 20th, 2020

SYNCHRON-ized Woodwinds Library Update 02 (integrated in Expansion Set, see above)


  • Missing background pictures for the Flute 1 and Flute 2 presets
  • Different ranges for parallel fluttertongue/marcato slots

October 25th, 2019

SYNCHRON-ized Woodwinds Library Update 01 (integrated in Expansion Set, see above)


  • Faulty sample for Clarinet 2/Sustain without Vibrato/C5 mezzopiano (repetition)